The Norwegian College of Musical Theatre (Musikkteaterhøyskolen) is approved for Erasmus+ for the period 2014-2020


The Norwegian College of Musical Theatre (Musikkteaterhøyskolen) is approved for Erasmus+ for the period 2014-2020 and will actively participate in the ‘Erasmus+ Program,’ the European Union's program for cooperation between higher education institutions in Europe and partner countries. Through the Erasmus+ Program students can get financial support for an exchange with a foreign institution. Mobility also applies to educators and other employees.


To find out more about The Norwegian College of Musical Theatre  strategies, goals and measures in the field of Erasmus+, read our Erasmus Policy Statement at the bottom of this page.





The overall objective of the Erasmus+ program is to promote international cooperation within education.

Mobility makes up the largest part of Erasmus+. Students, teachers and administrators at The Norwegian College of Musical Theatre  can apply for funds to visit foreign universities, businesses or organizations within Europe. Read more about travelling scholarship here:


Strategic partnerships:

Universities and colleges may also apply for funding for strategic cooperation and development of projects. The funds give the opportunity to collaborate with organizations in other European countries, on ways to improve the quality of education. It’s aim is to develop and transfer different education approaches, solutions, techniques & skills, as well as to develop initiatives and the exchange of experiences and promote key competencies such as entrepreneurship. By extension, it should promote individual development and skills, and improve their attributes and qualifications. For more information, follow this link:


For students/employees regarding collaboration and exchange:


Read about students and scholarships

Read about faculty / staff and scholarships


How to go forward in order to exchange:

The Norwegian College of Musical Theatre  send students on exchange of varying duration. While being in exchange, students get new perspectives and challenges in their chosen field, and gain important contacts that will help to open doors to future career opportunities. We also accept exchange students/teachers/staff from our partner institutions.

All of the studies that are carried out, are with the educational institutions that have the same credit system as The Norwegian College of Musical Theatre -  "European Credit Transfer Accumulation System". Which thus provides full value according to the study plan at MTHS.


Deadlines and application form:

Are you a student at another school and want to exchange to us? You will need to fill in the application form and apply to the ERASMUS + funds from your current place of education/training. Would you like to exchange independently of the ERASMUS + funds? this must be made clear in the application.

Deadline for application:  For fall term 1 april and spring term 1 nov.

Application form for incoming and outgoing students.



Information for students once you have been accepted –Before your arrival in Oslo



Students coming to The Norwegian College of Musical Theatre that needs VISA, must provide this themselves.



All incoming students must provide travelinsurance them selves.


Health Insurance for students from EØS countries or Switzerland.

As a student from an EØS country or Switzerland, you are usually not a member of the Norwegian National Insurance system.

If you are a member of the social security system in your home country while studying in Norway, you are entitled to be reimbursed the costs of emergency and necessary treatment by Norwegian rules.

If you do not have the right to a health insurance card from your home country, you must make sure to have another insurance that covers medical expenses in Norway.


Insurance for students from countries outside EØS:

Coming from a country outside the EØS, and should only be in Norway for one semester, you are not automatically insured through the National Insurance system.

You can apply for voluntary membership in the National Insurance System if the study stay in Norway is shorter than one year and your stay is legal. The international contackt at The Norwegian College of Musical Theatre will assist the incoming students with this.

Without membership in the National Insurance system, you  will not get covered medical expenses if you injure yourself. Therefore, you must have a separate insurance, or get support from the authorities in your home country.


Organising accommodation.

The international contackt at The Norwegian College of Musical Theatre, will provide accommodation for incoming students


MTHS partner schools

Germany: Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen
USA: University of Oklahoma in Oklahoma
Russia: The Russan University of Theatre Arts in Moscow
Romania: Universitatea Dunarea de Jos - Galati.


The Norwegian College of Musical Theatre are also a member of:

MTEA Musical Theater Educators Alliance