The Norwegian College of Musical Theatre provides a solid education for students that wish to be professional musical theatre artists and is the first NOKUT-approved college offering a bachelor-degree in musical theatre.

As a student at our program you will need to work hard, but you will receive tutoring from some of the best teachers within musical theatre studies. We work continually to assure that our education program is of the highest quality, so that you as a student can develop in the best possible manner.

All of our teachers have either college/university education and/or long experience and expertise in the subjects that they educate in. By focusing on this we ensure the students  a sound education and adequate information about developments in the industry.

We put priority on a good line of communication between students, teachers and administration to enable all parties to thrive and concentrate on achieving their goals in the education process.




• Operate a school with high artistic quality with roots in musical theatre.

• Have clear decision-making procedures and good internal and external information structures.

• Actively seek co-operation with theatres, production companies and other institutions/organizations in the field of musical theatre.

• Present results in form of performances and concerts on a regular basis to delight an audience with an interest in musical theatre.

• Educate and develop musical theatre artists of a high standard and be a leading educational institute within the musical theatre genre.

The Norwegian College of Musical Theatre is led by a board, which has the overall responsibility for running the school. The Board is ultimately the most responsible governing body, and has a composition of nine members.

The school board is supplemented with a student representative and a representative for the employees. The student (on behalf of the student body) and the employee representatives have a right to speak in all matters affecting students and staff at that level.

The student and employee representatives are allowed to attend, speak and submit proposals in all cases where the board discusses issues of importance in educational and syllabus implementation.

The Principal is responsible for the daily operations of the school and the academic leadership. Teachers are wholly responsible for their subjects. The principal and the teachers work together to ensure that a relationship between the individual subjects and the integrity of the education is provided.






Please send any questions, applications or international inquiries to our coordinator: 


Phone: +47 958 97 114
E-mail: linda@musikkteaterhoyskolen.no

Linda Stol Strigve
Prorektor og Internasjonal koordinator
Linda Stol StrigveProrektor og Internasjonal koordinator